Re: [CODE] Things todo...

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/20/98

Tom Dailey wrote:

> If you add dg_scripts and the paths patch, you can do almost
> anything that lpc / mux/mush/muse's can do.  I have added the 2
> patches and have found them very useful.

I would thoroughly disagree with that.  LPC is considerably more
powerful than DG Scripts, since it was created for writing the
entire MUD game system (including commands, etc.).  DG Scripts is,
as its name implies, a scripting language, which intends only to
allow you to script behavior for mobiles/objects/rooms.  Even the
languages of MUX/MUSH are more powerful.  But that doesn't mean
they're better than DG scripts -- DG does it's supposed to do.

> Has anyone found any bugs in either 2?

Quite a few with DG Scripts have been reported, I believe.  Check
the archives.

> [snip]

Please remember to cut out quoted lines that you aren't using.  We
don't need to get a verbatim copy of the message you're replying to.


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