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From: Douglas Mallory (
Date: 12/20/98

At 04:44 PM 12/20/98 , you wrote:
>On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Dan Egli wrote:
>>Anyone got any tips for a good patch place?
>Your own keyboard.

I'd expect an itsy bit better of you...   At least for Yule.

Try this, Dan:

Look in nanny()... I'd add a new state, after class selection, for
rerolling.  Model your code after the class selection.  Roll  and display
new stats until they choose 'Y'....  Don't forget to remove the rolling
function from where it is currently called.  You could use more CON_Q
states to even let your players order their own stats, if you'd like.

What you want isn't hard to do, now that you know what to look at, I think.
 But, if you can't follow this, feel free to ask for more specific help.
Douglas Mallory
aka Brennan of the Farwoods
Part of being competent is knowing that you might be wrong...
even if you were correct yesterday with the same answer.

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