Re: [CODE] Things todo...

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/21/98

"Mark A. Heilpern" wrote:

> Instead of just getting into an "i'm right because i know what i'm
> talking about and you obviously don't" argument, how about providing
> some examples of things LPC can do that DG_Scripts cannot, so people
> such as myself can understand where you're coming from (and,
> possibly add some of the functionality to DG_Scripts)?

Go read a FAQ on MUDs if you want to know what LPC is all about.  You
seem to be proclaiming that posters should be responsible for giving
out information on every little thing they state.  If you don't know
what's being said, look it up rather than wasting everyone's time with
your condescending hyperbole (he wasn't even close to saying, "I'm
right because I know what I'm talking about and you obviously don't").

Now, for your information, LPC and DG Scripts are nothing alike.  How
is this?  LPC is a complete programming language for writing a MUD in.
An LPMUD server is just a driver for LPC code.  It supports functions,
etc.  There's really no functionality to add to DG Scripts from LPC.
They're meant to do two completely different things, based on two
distinct paradigms.

Oh, and remember, try not to be condescending when it's *you* that
isn't informed.


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