Re: [CODE] Things todo...

From: George (
Date: 12/25/98

On Fri, 25 Dec 1998, Daniel Koepke wrote:

>George wrote:
>>         1.  (Non-commercial)
>>                 You may run the MUD++ server for unlimited access on
>> private or public network free of charge as long as you make absolutely no
>> profit in ANY way as a result of this act. This includes indirect profits
>> due to advertising.
>This disturbs me, since it essentially means you can't sell T-shirts,
>coffee mugs, etc. with your MUD's name and address on it.

Really.  It's worse than the CircleMUD license in that regard.  It comes
down to the same sort of argument BSD vs. GPL people like to bring up

Not that I'd really want to go C++ anyway...

George Greer

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