Unique objects + the sort.

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 01/01/99

        Just uploaded a patch and a readme to the incoming directory,
called 'xapobjs'.

        It just makes rent files ascii-isized, and includes a convertor
so you don't loose your old rent files.  It also has a online switch to
toggle between ascii and binary file saves, incase you don't have
confidence :)

        Incidentally, it also includes everything you need to create
unique objeccts - i don't care what yah call it, restringing, whatever -
just set the ITEM_UNIQUE_FLAG and it saves everything. So you can allow
people to make their 'shiny newbie dagger' into 'a really dangerous frozen
bannana' with +5/+5 hit/dam.  What ever you like.

        It's still in the experimental state, so, what i'm looking for is
volunteers to try it out.  I've done very little testing with rent - my
mud doesn't use it, and aside from that, to make it more useful, I'll
upload the version that includes autoeq in just a bit too. (My original
had autoeq in it, but it was stripped out to patch against stock


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