Re: Bug in ban.c

From: The Merciless Lord of everything (
Date: 01/02/99

Andrey Fidrya wrote:

> Any imms with "switch" command can abuse this bug and create a new char with
> same name as their is.

Now I got curious, how would you create a char when you have switch?? I
tried this without having installed the bugfix, this is what happend for
a level 101:

Terminal #1 switch mob
Terminal #2 New Terminal, login as Sercestest, password and enter game
Terminal #1 Multiple login detected -- disconnecting

hum. not possible this way to create a char with the same name, I tried
a number of different combinations, none which made it possible to
create a char with either the name of a Switched mob, The god in
question, or another player that allready exists. ;-) Just curious.


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