Re: Memory

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 01/05/99

> > I know that circle code takes very little cpu power, but about how
> > much ram does it use on average?
> Last time I looked (quite a long time ago), ~4mb.  But that may or may
> not be accurate for stock, or the latest beta.

After being up for 3 years, and expanding to just shy of 15k rooms,
Our memory usage hovers between 24-28meg. (depends on how many people
online, how long up, how many items, mobs, etc in the game.)

Current stats:
     14 players in game     14 connected
   1962 registered
   9286 mobiles           3740 prototypes
   9023 objects           4793 prototypes
  14866 rooms              164 zones
      2 large bufs
    124 buf switches         0 overflows

This is 30 minutes after a planned reboot :) and we are using 21.6 meg.

I hope this helps.


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