arrays vs linked lists

From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/05/99


circlemud utilizes arrays(or tables if you prefer) to store its world
files. i realize the tables are magrinally smaller and at times quicker,
but dont you all think that linked lists are better? you would also have
less problems with segmentation faults and its much easier to avoid
memory leaks with linked lists(IMHO). also, you could add a little more
abstraction to it and possibly cut down on the code a bit.

i'm wondering if anybody has undertaken converting the whole
info_storage scheme into linked lists.  or for some of you more advanced
C coders out there, are the some advantages to the array implementation
of which i am not aware.  with linked lists, its so much easier and
quicker to add and delete records.  you can more easily utilize faster
search routines(BST's etc; i realize you can implement a bst with an
array but its really really nasty)

i have not, for the life of me, been able to undersand why it was done
this way in the first place.(and i'm sure its because of something i
dont know, because i'm sure Jer is a helluva lot better coder than i)

anyway what do you all think??

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