Re: dg_cast bug?

From: Nick Stout (
Date: 01/07/99

Figured out the bug. I would get a message like this RIGHT after the
char died:
SYSERR: NULL or NOWHERE in handler.c, char_from_room
It would actually kill him before he was killed, because DG thinks one
step ahead... Before the action is carried out, it checks DG.
I had it on a greet for a mob, basically an instant slay spell.
To all people who experienced this, add a wait 10 before the dg_cast is
carried out. That way, the mob will wait until you are actually in the
room before killing.

ObCircle: Is there a good way of making DG so it automatically puts a
wait 10 in a mob greet? That would probably be a very good ideas for
%actor% associated commands.

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