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From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/09/99

Daniel Koepke wrote:
> Well, the accept() call modifies a sockaddr_in structure, which has
> the member sin_port.  Although, IMHO, it's rather pointless to
> display it.  Anyway, you'd do:
>   d->port = ntohs(peer.sin_port);
> -dak
thanks, i was thinking it would help me keep track of people who were
definately multiplaying. what with all the ip spoofing and ip
masquerading from the linux boxes and the firewalls and proxy servers,
its easy for two people to have the same IP address and still be playing
separate characters.  however, if they both have the same port number,
i'm pretty sure thats an undeniable flag that somebody is multiplaying.

at least i think :)

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