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From: Andrew (
Date: 01/09/99

>i guess DAK's opinion was not so humble. :) it provided me absolutely
>zero useful information.  oh well..ya live ya learn. i dont suppose
>there are any good sockets programming primers are there? i bought a
>TCP/IP in 21 days book. never got around to reading it tho. i suppose i

Why buy it when you can read it on-line for free in HTML format?

I don't think it gives you programming techniques, just an overview of how
the TCP/IP protocols work. For an introduction to BSD sockets, a commonly
used sockets library, check out a HTML page I put up at:

If you want to buy a book, "Unix Network Programming" by Richard Stevens is
the way to go. Even if you are using Windows or a Mac, the example code in
the book is easily ported to your OS, as long as you have the sufficient
header files included in your compiler.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Ritchie,

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