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Date: 01/11/99

Here here!

I was/am getting to the point where I'm thinking about leaving the list.
I dont want to read thru a bunch of rude replies to someone who appearently
is totally clueless and needs a little help. Thumbing thru the code is rough
at the least and for a newbie coder about impossible.

So if U can't help out a newbie w/o a flame reply... don't reply! It takes
bandwidth and server space that could be used for something more important.

I will add... there are SOME posts that are deserving of a flame.. but how
sending the flame directly to the sender (e-mail) instead of flooding the
list with it??

Just my 2 cents worth.


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>I'd just to put my 2 cents in after the message from ghost.  I for one
>am just as frustrated when stupid questions are asked.  But on the other
>hand, i would bet that all of us have had our fair share of stupid
>questions over our mudding lifetimes.  I'd just like to ask that you go
>easy on the newbies and help instead of insult.
>"The only stupid question is the question not asked"
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