Re: [Newbie] Any Response Would Be Greatly Aprr.

From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/11/99

i ran into a similar problem when i converted my mud from unixware2 to
linux. it was a long time ago but i think it had to do with a couple
different things. the main thing was the malloc and free calls(not the
calls themselves, but the libs they come from, check in conf.h i
the second was rand and srand, (again the same problems)

you might check there for your problems. since you didnt say what kind
of server you put it on, i cant recommend a good debugger. but you can
always crank up the mud on and use the debugger on it. thats what i
eventually ended up doing to find my problem.

George wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Jon Knapp wrote:
> >Ok, heres my situation.  I ran my mud , learned how to code and coded on my
> >windows 98 machine.  Well I felt it was time to move to a server so , I
> >did.  Well I got past the initial problems.  But I have come to a problem
> >of wich I cannot solve.  I can run the mud and there are no porblems. But
> >then after I log on.  It doesn't matter what command I try to do it crashes
> >the mud.  Well I looked at my syslog.crash  file and I see this error at
> >the end.
> Check your limits, you may have a memory quota.  Perhaps not that likely,
> but you could be corrupting malloc data structures also.  But then again,
> we have no real details.
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