Re: re-stringing objs

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 01/12/99

Ghost, I don't know what that guy was whining about.  Your flame was
deserved and yet wasn't really a flame at all.  You nicely informed
him of list etiquette and told him where the answer lives.  You can
either give a starving man a fish and he isn't hungry for a day or
you can TEACH him where to get the fish and how to get it and he will
be well fed for life. (lets just ignore over fishing right now)

to your obcircle:  I think the hardest part would be altering the obj
saving code to only save the string when it is different.  Then change
the obj load code to override the obj strings if the tag is present for
a different string.  I don't think obuild is where you want to look for
restringing objs.  I would have sworn there was a stub that does the
restringing in the code that is there but not impd... just cant find it
right now.  All you need is a command that has the following syntax:
restring <obj> <field> <string>
ex: restring hammer ldesc The glowing hammer.
(can you tell I don't build?)
have the function do this:

     send_to_char("Something witty.\r\n",ch);

I'd like to be able to apologize but I don't beleive in lying.

While I thought my post was mildly flaming, IMHO, this guy was obviously
posting here before he looked into ANY OTHER avenues of answering his

If he is running the mud, using the wizhelp command would have pointed out
both the house and hcontrol commands.  Both of which have have help

I thought the policy of this list was that you were supposed to check ALL
of your documentation before you posted on it.  You know, try to solve it
yourself first? I, for one, as forgiving as I am of crap in my email box,
don't want to sort through all of the list newbies asking questions that
are answered in the documentation. (Whats the point of having help files
if the people running the MUD don't use them to answer their questions?)



I have obuild in as my OLC, and some home made ascii rent files.  I am
looking into allowing restrung objects.  Has anyone modified obuild to
allow this?  Before I jump in can anyone offer any pointers or ideas?

I have a flag that will not update things upon reentry into the mud,
but I haven't figured out exactly where ALL of the objects get updated in
obuild, and haven't finished digging through the code.

*doh, I suppose I should RTFC before I post here ;) *

-Ghost Shaidan

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