[AD][Coder Position]

From: Tom Dailey (tomd@waymark.net)
Date: 01/12/99


ZombieMUD_USA, a 3.5 year old circle bpl8 is in need of a Head Coder.  I've
been mudding
since 1990 and view this as a hobby, a way to get away from real life and
have some fun.  Therefore,
we would like someone who has the same desire; to have fun and make the game
even more fun
for the players...

Just some of the stuff we've added:

OLC - similiar to Oasis but w/ command line zedit.
ascii pfiles - player objs w/in their file too.
config - online config to change almost anything you can imagine including
game port, pk, ac system stats etc...
hedit - online help editor
sedit - online social editor
11000 rooms, 90% original....

We would like to make the game more rp/skill oriented. If anyone has the
and wants to talk more, please come see us.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Dailey
Gore - Implementor
zombie.terminal.org 2150

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