From: Tim (
Date: 01/13/99

I disagree.  I have played a few muds where i have know people who could
do that so fast it was near impossible to distinguish that they were
multiplaying unless you knew them.

Dan Argent wrote:
> Automated mulitplaying detection?
> I wouldn't say it's impossible.
> If we go back to the basics of a player who has two characters,
> at any one time, that person will only be keying in commands for one of
> the characters.
>  Now, if two players were suspected of muliplaying, a watch could be kept
> on imcoming commands, and although it doesn't prove anything, if commands
> from both characters are recieved within a certain time limit, i.e. < the
> time to change windows and type, then you can be reasonably sure that the
> two characters are separate.  Of course if the characters have different
> IP's then it's a little less conclusive.
> Yours,
> DAn
> >
> > Someone, a day or so, asked if there was some surefire way of determining
> > if someone is multiplaying or not.  The answer is (well in my opinon) no.
> > There ARE ways of determining certain types of multiplaying and a couple
> > of those were mentioned a few months ago when this thread took place
> > back then.  Check the archives for what was talked about back then.
> > If I remember right, some people felt very strongly about email
> > registration for the mud.  While interesting, it's still too easy
> > to break even if you disregard all of the free email sites out there.
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