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Date: 01/13/99

Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho wrote:
> I'm afraid you're forgetting bots made using tintin or tinyfugue or zmud.
> I think the best way to control multiplaying is to force your player to
> register his/her e-mail and then to verify it. But then you have the problem
> of yahoo mail accounts and things like that.
> Even snooping and seeing a group that works together without exchaging a word
> doesn't tell you a thing. They could be in the same room in RL and talk with
> each other.
> Believe me, i've run a MUD in a school, and i gave up trying to stop multi-playing.
> Just assume you have it and try to plug the holes it may cause on game play.

Apparently policies in the games that do not allow have to include both
administrative and hard coded methods. To me, it seems that the less
work is done manually (read: by imms), the better. We at RMUD decided
not to allow multying, and after quite some thinking has come to the
following solution.

Game rules explicitly disallow multiplaying. To avoid any possible
philosophical debates over what exactly constitutes multiplay, we demand
that a single character be played by a single person (no transitions,
sharing, etc.), and not-more-than-one-online-at-a-time rule is in force.

If at any time there are more than one players online using the same IP,
this *may* be considered multiplay. We do not generally allow multiple
logins from the same IP, so an imm in charge does whatever seems
reasonable to check multiplay (e.g. if a char logs in, transfers some eq
and logs off this is almost certain multiplay). Then if multiplay is
detected he can deal with it according to our policies. If it's
apparently not multiplay, he asks one of the players to explain who is
playing from their IP and why. A usual answer will be WinGate or
somesuch, these most usually have a static IP; if such is the case, the
imm adds the address to a list of "legal" wingates. Imms are asked to
occasionally check characters playing from wingates for any obvious
signs of multying; if such activity is detected, everyone playing from
that IP is warned (through the means of a game mailing system) that
multying may lead to deletion and repeated cases may lead to the ban of
the gate address.

Also, a PLR_NOMULTICHECK flag exists. Characters with that flag are not
checked for multiplay and are not considered multies ("known
non-multies"). Giving this flag is a privilege which is granted on a
case by case basis, and those abusing it are treated with harshly. Imms
of certain level usually have this flag by default.

There is also a MULTI command availiable to imms. It lists all
characters that are logged on from the same IP, excluding gate addresses
and nomulticheck flags, sorted by IP of course.

As for the multiple IP multiplay, we do not have any hard coded means to
control this. The cases of cross-IP multying are quite rare (we hope ;))
and do not really deserve any special attention.

The above approach is far from ideal, but it seems to be quite
sufficient to satisfy most everyday needs - track multies, provide easy
control, keep a list of gates and allowed-to-multi characters.

Just my 0.44 russian roubles. (Don't laugh, that's 2 cents today! :))


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