From: Ron Cole (
Date: 01/14/99

>Anyway, stopping multi-playing is about as close to impossible as you can
>get.  Anyone care to try and test me on this.  I can run 2 connections,
>running 2 clients, from 2 different ips, and with creative scripting
>neither connection would appear to be connected to the other, and neither
>would ever sit idle.  It is always possible to stop the blatant
>multi-players, but beyond that you are definitely fighting a losing

Here's a little trick I learned... use send (I assume that's in stock circle,
sends text to a single character) to emulate whatever format/color your say
command uses.  Tell them you are going to ask them 3 simple math questions,
and that you want them both to answer quickly and at the same time.  Set up
the alias ahead of time.  For the first 2, use say to ask the question...
2+3, 8-4, etc.  Then use send to ask them 2 different questions at the same
time, preferably one that looks similar, ie:  3+5/8+5.  If you get the same
answer from both... busted.


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