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Date: 01/15/99

i only have on thing to say about this bit of the thread...

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Daniel Koepke wrote:
> Tom Dailey wrote:
> > I beg to differ on this point, Daniel.  With Tintin, you can set up
> > an action so that if anyone says or tells to one character it is
> > seen by the other character.  I used to to this on a mud (they
> > allowed multi's) so that I wouldn't miss tells to my other
> > character.
> It's not a matter of client software feature sets, or the ability to
> script or snoop.  While you can see what is being said to both
> characters, can you maintain an active conversation with both
> characters?  Even the fastest typist, with the best memory and the
> best software, will have difficulty responding to two questions
> simultaneously without suffering from being too brief, too slow, or
> too confused.  Much like a mousetrap, it works because a fault of
> the mouse's mind, not a fault of the mouse's body (although, I'm
> not sure how players would respond to your calling them mice).
> And if you discover a player who managed to hold two conversations
> simultaneously without making any slip-ups, without being slow to
> respond, or brief...let him multi.  Hell, he deserves it.
> -dak
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