Re: [compiling errors]

From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/16/99

it would be nice if you put in even a little info.
what operating system? what compiler? what version of circle? what patch

what you are saying is basically synonymous with, "my car wont start. it
just keeps cranking over. anybody know why?"

"EltaWeb Networks, Incorporated" wrote:
> i always get these stupid compiling errors.  first of all, i get these
> two files from someone (conf.h and sysdep.h) and he says that they are
> supposed to be there so that you dont have to configure.  second, i i
> get this error when i do try to configure.
> configure: rm: command not found
> configure: sed: command not found
> configure: error: can not find sources in or . .
> does anyone know what these mean, and how to fix them?

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