Re: [compiling errors]

From: Xual (
Date: 01/16/99

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, EltaWeb Networks wrote:

> when i copied bash.exe and cygwinb19.dll to the mud directory, and typed
> bash ./configure
> it gave me the same error as before
> ./configure: rm: command not found
> ./configure: sed: command not found
> configure: error: can not find sources in or . .

Why did you copy bash.exe etc to you mud dir?  They should stay in the
directory where the install program put them, although a copy of sh.exe
should be copied to c:\bin.  You then run bash...

Then a bash shell should pop up (looking a lot like a dos shell)  This is
the window you want to run configure and make in, of course after cd'ing
to the proper mud directory.  "rm" and "sed" are not dos commands, they
are bash commands, so they'll only work in a bash shell (window).

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