[ascii pfiles] plr_index problems

From: Gordon Forsythe (baoh@interfold.com)
Date: 01/17/99

  I just recently put the ascii pfile 2.0b patch into my beta mud to see how
it would work.  I patched everything into my mutant bpl14 code, and
everything went smoothly.  I then ran the plrtoascii program after
recompiling, and it made the pfiles just fine, but did NOT make the
plr_index file, which is odd because it looks like it uses the same
functions to write both.
  After this, I decided to run it and log on anyway.  After creating the imp
character, I checked, and the program had created the plr_index file with
that character in it, and had also created the pfile for it.  I then logged
out and back in as the same char, but the program did not seem to look at
the plr_index, or if it did, it didn't bother to check and see if the
player was in there.
  I thought it might be a fluke, so i rebooted the mud, and looking at the
syslog, it said that the plr_index file wasn't found.
  I looked in the backlogs of the circle list, but apparently noone ever
solved that mystery, or if they did, didn't post anything (and man, is that
search slooooow).
  Anyhoo, I hope someone can help out.
Kind regards
  Gordon Forsythe
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