Re: [NEWBIE] [MAKEFILE] [CYGNUS] Troubles...

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 01/17/99

Heya list...

> BASH.EXE-2.01$ bash ./configure
> ...
> creating ./config.status
> ./configure: /bin/sh: No such file or directory

To fix that, either do what Xual said, or make a symbolic link in your
root directory.  How?
ln -s C:/CYGNUS/B19/H-I386~1/bin /bin

That'll do the job.  I recommend that you goto Rob's web page
( for Cygwin help.

As for the Makefile problems, Windows stuffs up the tabs on you.  Where
the compiler is having a spit, goto the beginning of that line, press tab,
and delete the whitespaces until you reach the $(CC) this for
each line that fails.

Note, for this, *DONT* use DOSEdit.  i.e. by going into the command
prompt and typing "edit".  USE NOTEPAD!

I assume noone's made a faq on cygwin yet, so maybe I'll write one up.  If
anyone wishes to submit material, email me here.


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 Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Qld
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