From: Scott Christopher Zielinski (scottz@morabito.com)
Date: 01/18/99

I recently compiled Circle v3.0 b14 on a UNIX server. I configured and
ran it, and it worked fine. The web host didn't like that I was running
it, so I had to remove the MUD. However, I copied the directory
structure to my WIN95 computer, and d/led Cygnus Win32, and installed
it. I also performed the ln -s `path'  /bin function, and that worked
fine, however, when I tried the ./autorun command, I was left with this
message in the syslog.CRASH:

autorun starting game Mon Jan 18 11:20:21  1999
running bin/circle -q 4000
bin/circle: 3: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

I tried looking into the documentation project, and the FAQ for answers,
but this particular error does not seem to come up. Any ideas?
Scott Zielinski

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