[lost] help w/ memory problem

From: Todd A Laycock (tlayco1@uic.edu)
Date: 01/18/99

Greetings all.

I am coding now for a mud in the development phase, and I'm coming across
some strange problems.

First of all, we picked up from our old server and are now on a different
one.  I recompiled all the code to make sure it would work (they're both
linux 2.0.34 systems), but here's something funny:  On the old system we
had no errors when we tried to load the mud, on this one after we get into
the loading objects portion, we get a malloc error saying there's no more
memory left.

Second we are using OLC v1.6 and dg_scripts pl6 (I think....)
When we edit objects using oedit, if they're new objects we wind up
getting lag of at least 2 minutes with only 200 prototypes.  The function
goes through and updates the entire obj_proto table and obj_index table.
At this point we wind up using a ton of RAM.  on the old system it was
~96MB compared to our normal 3.5 ;)

I checked through the oedit.c file.  The function oedit_save_internally is
where the slowdown occurs, yet another mud I have set up on the same
machine has the same function and no problems (yet no dg_scripts).

I guess the first thing I need is some help finding where else to look....

Todd A. Laycock

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