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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/22/99

[There's a reply to Relative Directions stuff at the bottom...]

"Mark Vanness Jr." wrote:

> No, I was NOT being lazy, OK?  I have already fixed the damn PFiles
> to work right, without the lists help, I have done it 4 or 5 times.
> But I was interested in the bug fixes other people had.

First, and perhaps most importantly, you are still violating list
policies.  Since you *have* read the mailing list FAQ (as has
everyone else, *correct*?), you must have just overlooked the part
concerning the quoting policies.  The most immediate remedy is a
heavy dose of the FAQ before any further postings.

Second, you are assuming that it is an error with the patch, and not
your own doing.  While it might be a difficult concept to grasp ahold
of: you can screw-up something as simple as the application of a

Third, specify what you mean in your original request.  As you have
just learned, abridged messages are open to (mis)interpretation.  If
you're having problems with the pfiles and you want help with
solving them, post the appropriate information gathered from your
favorite debugger.  Even if all you're doing is looking for patches,
this will save everyone time by narrowing the search for the right
patch for your problem or maybe even having someone with a solid
theory as to what's broken in your code helping you solve the
problems without aid of patches.

> Mmmmmmkay????  I "KNOW" for a fact that there are other bug fixes
> for it, and I have searched through the archives, and haven't found
> any for 2.0b.

We're all glad your omnipotence has come in handy.  Not to imply
your extensive knowledge might be subject to the same failings as
the rest of us orangs, but if you haven't found anything in the list
archives nor on the primary Circle sites: it most likely isn't out
there for you to find.

> Sammy told me to check the archives for the fixes, so I did, and
> didn't find what I was looking for, I was ASKING FOR SOME HELP not
> a lecture from people.

Ask for help appropriately, and you might get it.  Of course, you
are allowed to be too-brief and vague (*and* in HTML!), only to
become offensive and bray like a jackass when someone points out
you have broken list rules and not given enough information.  Just
don't expect many people to leap to your aid next time you ask a

On the other hand, one might view your postings as a cry for help.
Maybe a thorough probe of your subconscious will explain why you're
exhibiting the behavioral patterns of a masochist?  Surely idiocy
cannot be behind *everything*.

> Don't sit there and accuse me of being lazy, unlike you I have
> a life, I have things to do, MUDding is just a hobby of mine.

It's my belief that delivering an unwarranted insult, such as the
above, goes entirely against the claim that you have a life.  Note
that I have never claimed to have a life.

> Okay?  Now if your not going to help me, then don't sit there and
> lecture me, I don't need it.

Correction, you did and still do.

> I don't sit on my computer 24/7.

24/7?  Have I fallen into a time-warp?!

ObCircle: (RE: Relative Directions)

I implemented relative directions for areas where the sky was not
visible to help you find your bearings.  Of course, I also added
such things as compasses so you could continue to use the cardinal
directions, and landmarks that could be used for finding your
position.  This was all a long time ago.  My immortals were less
favorable of it than yours, and some players liked it, others
hated it.  My directions were considerably simpler:

  turn [right/left] (shortcuts: "tr" and "tl")

In addition, some spatial information was added to the rooms for
internal processing, so that we could tell the player what things
they were facing.

  The Inner-Chamber [underground | brief]
  You are facing a massive stone door.
  > tr
  You turn to face a wall of the cavern.
  > tl
  You turn to face a massive stone door.
  > tl
  You turn to face a passage leading away from here.
  > for
  You walk into the passage.
  A Passageway [underground | brief]
  The passage continues ahead of you.
  > tr
  You turn to face a wall of the passage.
  > tr
  You turn to face an opening into an inner-chamber.
  > back
  You back up further into the passage.
  A Passageway [underground | brief]

You get the picture.  Also added was "look forward/back/right/left".


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