Re: [NEWBIE] [ZEDIT] Door and New Zone errors

From: Guyang Mao (
Date: 01/22/99

Nate Mcsp <> wrote:

> Hi all.  I have a question about a bug in zedit.  Whenever my builders makes a
> new door, they get an error and the bug isn't made.  They can make a door up
> to the point where they select which direction they are in, then they will get
> this error: zedit_disp_arg3().  I've looked there and the
> statements seem to be okay.  I think this is a bug in the patch.  I've tried
> patching it to unmodified stock circles without any success.  Also whenever I
> create a new zone, then zedit it, the MUD crashes.  I can use redit, medit,
> oedit, and sedit, but I can't use zedit.  Has anyone fixed either of these
> problems?  Thanks for your help.

I'm almost positive that zedit-new-and-edit-crash is a bug in OLC+.
I've not been able to do a gdb reading on it yet (mostly because I'm
having a **** of a time trying to narrow down the xap objects bugs)
but if you zedit new, shutdown and reboot, and edit the zone then it
should be fine.

Claiming to have a bug in the patch doesn't help.  I've worked with
all the recent OLC patches and none seemed to have that problem.
Could be it didn't patch into the code right, but since it should
create a new file for zedit.c I don't think there should've been a
problem.  Maybe if you sent me that portion of zedit.c to look at?

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