Re: [NEWBIE] [ZEDIT] Door and New Zone errors

From: George (
Date: 01/22/99

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Invincibill wrote:

>you are sending in a null string to the str_dup.
>since you didnt post any code, i might recommend stepping through your
>zedit.c:zedit_setup() and see where it calls str_dup, then step back
>through the code from there(you might use some debugging statements, or
>gdb if you know how to use it)
>look for any place where new strings get assigned. then look for where
>it might be null.

Everything in OasisOLC should be properly ?:'d.  If I missed one, I'd be
happy to have it pointed out to me.

In particular, check this line:

> #1  0x8092207 in zedit_setup (d=0x82f4550, room_num=2621) at zedit.c:91

Then let me know what OasisOLC version you have.  If you use OLC+, let me
know what version of OLC+ instead.

Looking over the code again, I see it does make the assumption that
'zone->name != NULL', but that should never be NULL anyway.

George Greer

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