Re: Daniel's the man + feign_death

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/23/99

> Thank you Daniel, I was praying that you'd step in sooner or later.

Oh, but you should see the lovely curses I got privately... :)

> Really though, in the last two and a half years, I've seen the list go
> from useful and entertaining, to entertaining, and finally to just plain
> annoying.  I don't think many people are reading the FAQ, or even
> attempting to try things out on their own before they post.

I'm in full agreement, here.  With a little luck, we can at least get some
of the old magic back (uh, without the massive flame wars that also came
with the territory a few years back, of course).

>     {
>         act("$n pretends to be dead!", FALSE, ch, NULL, NULL, TO_ROOM);
>         WAIT_STATE(ch, 2 * PULSE_VIOLENCE);
>         return;
>     }

I think it'd be pretty damn funny to have the player fail the skill check,
flop to the ground being careful not to skin his elbows, and get kicked
right in the head by his opponent.  Which brings us to modifications to
the combat system that I think would be interesting...

Ground fighting.  It's not that difficult to implement, but can be pretty
entertaining.  If one player ends up on the ground, have his opponent kick
the hell out of him.  Maybe even using a damage modifier for the attackers
boots.  If both players end up on the ground, have them roll-about
flailing wildly.  Allow a player to seat himself atop his opponent and
thump him repeatedly in the head with gauntleted fists.

Grappling.  Primarily for combat without weapons, allow a player to take a
hold of one another during combat.  Create a few skills for various
judo-like throws and their counters, and don't make it so easy for
everyone in the game to have a sword.  It'd be pretty interesting to see.

Water fighting.  I don't know, but fighting while swimming is a big thing
in action movies.  You can have players trying to drown one another and
delivering ultra-slow-motion kicks... :)

-dak : Maybe that last one is taking it a little bit too far?

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