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From: Andrew (
Date: 01/23/99

>Another alternative is to make the spells different for higher-levels,
>something like implementing power levels for the spells.  This would
>entail new messages, which might overcomplicate things if you're just
>looking for a quick hack.  But I think something along the lines of,

Another alternative is to allow the player to specify how much power he
wants to put into the spell. For example:

25hp 120ene> cast magic missle bob 25%
Your magic missle blows bob back a fair way, but does not inflict serious

(This takes away say 25 mana)

25hp 100ene> cast magic missle bob 100%
Your magic missle obliterates bob! His guts fill the room!

(This takes away sat 100 mana)

This allows players to control the amount of energy/mana goes into the
spell, and adds a new dimension to tactical fighting. I haven't implemented
into my MUD as yet, but I will when I get the chance. I personally think
it's not a bad idea. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Andrew Ritchie,

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