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From: Robert Jonasson (
Date: 01/23/99

Phillip A Ames writes:
-->Well, this got me to thinking...  For storing it, you could just stick it
-->in the pfile as a vnum, and have thecommands for the vehicle check for
-->the mob vnum, to determine its abilities..  But what I was thinking was
-->that you could add another POS_ thing.  Something like a POS_VEHICLE,
-->maybe before POS_FIGHTING, or possibly even the same as POS_FIGHTING.
-->Benefits for this?  You could have a command called 'board' and it took
-->the argument of a mob..  And if the mob didn't have a certain flag, it
-->couldn't be boarded, but otherwise, let 'em on, remove the mob, store the
-->number in a spot in the pfile, and have the checks run from that number,
-->possibly setting a IN_VEHICLE bit on the char...  Then a disembark
-->command, reload the mob, clear the number in their pfile and the flag.
This is the idea I followed in my mud, I added in POS_FLYING for aircraft,
and POS_DRIVING for vehicles.  I am yet to get this code working fully,
but the ideas are the same.  I have found that with this way, you can run
checks for the driving and flying positions just like the ones that you
have for a boat to go on water.  Through the use of objects you can also
use the regular object flags to enhance character AC, hitrolls, etc.
When I get this code running smoothly, I'll post it to the group or submit
it to ftp.

I want to be a hacker, when I grow up.

Rob Jonasson (
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