From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/24/99

> hi
> I have this problem:
> if a new char rolls his/hers stats and fx get 20 in strength, then when the
> char enters the game its only 18
> and if the implementor with 25 in all stats, uses an item or spell he only
> has 18 in all but charisma that remanins 25
> until the item or spell is removed
> anyone know how to fix this ?

        It's not a bug. Just look in your code for the check which looks
and sees if your stats are > than 18, to set them to 18...

        I know that affect_modify in handler.c has one of these checks..or
is that affect_total?
        Do set uses the 'range' marco as well..
                Something like RANGE(3,18) I believe makes the entered
number between that range if it's out of it..

        roll_real_abils uses the equivilent of 4d6, take the best 3 and
that's each stat... that gives you from 3 to 18.. you might want to check
that as well...

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