Re: [NEWBIE] SYSERR: Attempt to assign spec to non-existantmob #7009

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 01/25/99

On 1/25/99 11:27 PM, Anthony Benjamin (benjamin@POWERWEB.NET) stated:

>That is your problem write there. What you need to do is edit the index files
>in the zone directories. They have references of what mobs/objs to load. You
>need to change those so it only refers to the zones you left in.

Nope, thats not the problem.

>> The subject says it all.  I get all these messages at startup in the
>> syslog.   There are a whole boat load of them.  From what I can see it
>> doesn't hinder the mud in anyway.  But i don't like it.  I was wondering if
>> anyone could tell me where I can fix this.  In the begining I took out all
>> the stock zones wioth the exception of 12, 0 , and 30.  Any help would be
>> greatly appr'ed.

Edit your spec_assign.c file and remove all references to mobs, objects,
and rooms that you removed.

- Chris Jacobson

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