Re: Circle Newbie shopkeeper

From: Neal Robinson. (
Date: 01/27/99

Thanks to those who answered my question about shopkeepers
and about trains.c I really tried hard but trains.c would not work.
Perhaps it should carry a warning, WILL NOT WORK etc.
Anyway after looking in many places places I found a file called
*dg_pl5a_no_olc_patch.gz* which looks like what I am looking
for,  it seems to be a script orientated trigger programme,. I am
handpatching it. for Win98 wont let Cygnus write/patch to files or
something, but hey its only about 3000 lines, i am about 25%
finished and about as red eyed as it gets.
Has any body got any ideas, as to if my internet provider
will let me put a mud where a homepage could go?

just floating an idea!

well thanks to the list and hope I can answer a problem one day.

regards Neal.

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