Re: problem with portal spell.

From: Fizal (
Date: 01/30/99

---Red Wolf <kilborn@PALACE.NET> wrote:
>   I tried adding the one portal spell to my mud and
>after all is said and done. I try to compile.  When it
>does the Obj.. and link it tells me something like it
>doesnt know what GET_LEVELX is.. anyone can tell me
>how to fix this?

Sounds like:
1. either there's supposed to be a macro that goes by GET_LEVELX, and
it's somehow not defined,
2. or the portal has an obj level limit which you don't have in your
obj struct.

I could be wrong, but try looking back at the codes that you put in
and search for the GET_LEVELX thing. Maybe you'll understand what it's
supposed to do after taking a look at it. If it's suppose to denote
the level limit for the obj and you still don't have that in yet, I do
believe you can just remark that statement. If it's an undefined
macro, then it'll tougher... unless you know/understand what the macro
supposed to do.

Another way is by looking back at the original patch that you use.
Maybe there's some info there that requires you to type/add in
something yourself, apart from the codes for the spell.


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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