From: Gordon Forsythe (
Date: 02/01/99

On 01-Feb-99, Sammy wrote:

> Fact: I've obviously only done limited testing, and would be interest to
> see what kind of numbers other people are getting.

Just to add...
Opinion: You don't have to worry about the players file getting corrupted.
  Mine did once, and it was a nightmare.  If something ever does happen,
  a few minutes (or even seconds) in pico can fix it.
Opinion: ASCII pfiles are easier to add to.  No worries about pwipes
  or players file converting.  Also, after installing, you can
  take all the sparex stuff out of the char_file_u, and change
  it however you like, without worrying about the players file.
  Also, using bitvector_t, I can now break the 32 bit barrier,
  so now I can add more races, etc without worrying about adding
  that 128bit patch and the horror that goes with it.
  Gordon Forsythe

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