Re: [CODE] [QUESTIONS] Mprog_Delay && Swedish alphabet

From: Jeremy Music (
Date: 02/02/99

My statement was, paraphrased:
"Mobprogs are more standard than DG Scripts."

I am not sure what is so hard to figure out about that.
You name the number of mud codebases that run DG Scripts.
I can think of 1, Circle.  Let me know what others have gotten DG Scripts,
even through hand-porting.

I'll name the number of mud codebases that run Mobprogs (patch?  Everything
I've ever done has been a hand port, even if it came to me in patch format)

Circle (example: I know I added mobprogs to mine, I'm sure there are others)
Rom (example: Aardwolf)
Smaug (whether they modified it doesn't matter, it is still mobprogs, and if
       someone came to you wanting to build and said they knew mobprogs from
       smaug and you had mobprogs on any other codebase, they would need VERY
       little instruction on the differences.  example: all)
Envy (example: Asgaard)
Anatolia (example: Beyond Infinity)
Archipelago (Tempora Heroica)
Copper (Hubis)
Rot (Fall of Cernunnos)
Ack! (May even be default, I know several that have mobprogs)
Diku (Luminous Horizons)
Ember (Broken Shadows)
GodWars (couldn't find an example currently running, but I've been on one
         with mobprogs, I believe KaVir did that himself)
RoA (expanded mobprogs, still mobprogs, see smaug above)
Silly (Chomestoru)
Dale (if it works with Silly...)
Merc (everyone knows at least one)

I won't list more, you get the idea.  Standards become standards through
widespread acceptance.  As you can see, mobprogs are WIDELY accepted.

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Alex wrote:

> > I meant VIE anyway, and believe there is an ad on mudconnector for a VIE
> > with mobprogs, objectprogs, and roomprogs.  I saw it somewhere (ever do a
> > search for "mud server code" anytime, just to see what all was available?)
> That would be the mud I run (which is currently sans server).  We don't
> have mobprogs, objprogs, *or* roomprogs.  What we do have is a homegrown
> scripting language for mobs, and special procs for rooms, objects, and
> mobs.

You have an ad on mudconnector for a mud that isn't running?

> Oh, and the source is *not* available.

To vie?  Sure it is.

> > > DikuII uses
> > Diku, I've never even been on a DikuII.
> DikuII (if I'm not mistaken) is the VME that was previously mentioned.

Sorry, I really did mean vie.  I've never been on a DikuII and don't know
much about them at all.

> > > The original DIKU code base does not have mobprogs,
> > I guarantee it does.
> Someone made a patch up for them then?  MobProgs showed up shortly after
> Merc2.1 was released.  Over time I've seen ports for ROM, Envy, and
> CircleMUD, but that's all.  Any other platform they're on (besides the
> Merc tree) is likely a hand porting by the coder of said mud.

They all start as "a hand porting by the coder".  Seat belts really started
catching on in the late 50's through the 60's, but I have seatbelts in my
'42 "hand ported by the coder" as do many cars that have been kept to modern
standards from that era.  Just because a mud came out a few years ago
doesn't mean no one is still keeping it updated.

Again, not stock, standard.
Again, not patch, coded.

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