[NEWBIE] [QUESTION] Running things without online characters ?

From: Thomas Henke (ghost@warstein.owl.de)
Date: 02/02/99

Hello there,

i have a little problem, i want my Mud to accept intermud requests, like
who and so on, while none is online, too. So that the 'world' sees, that
really none is here. I tried to implement it some time the last days, but
i found no access to it, it won't work :(

Another idea, was that the mud lives on, while none is online, like the
mobs will move on,... this would be like the same, it has to run while
waiting for new descriptors. (Well it costs a bit of main power while
idling/sleeping the mud, but a bit more real, ...)

Perhabs someone of you can help me. Thank you.

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