Re: SV: Re: [CODE] [QUESTIONS] Mprog_Delay && Swedish alphabet

From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 02/02/99

At 09:57 PM 2/2/99 +0100, you wrote:
>-----Opprinnelig melding-----
>I found some online documentation for dgscripts somewhere,
>I can send you them if you want. (DG has a homepage)
>try this
>>Both are good systems, I'd love to see DG scripts get picked up by some
>>other codebases, but the lack of documentation on DG scripts is annoying.

If you're using the current patch of DG Scripts (currently pl6, unless I
sent you
pre-pl7), the imaxx web page wont tell you about any of the enhancements that
have been made to the package in the past year or so. The documentation at will be much more up to date.
It was originally based off of the imaxx page, to the point of blatently
the content (yes, I gave credit where credit was due), and has been mostly
maintained with the evolution of the package after it was migrated from
Death's Gate.

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