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From: Fafhrd (
Date: 02/03/99

I wouldn't presume to know what he's talking about either.  But
since max_existance is our grievance, I have some things to point

The current way of handling it is flawed.  In zones (The Chessboard
of Midgaard, for example) some mobs need to be loaded to specific
rooms IF they don't already exist in those rooms.  Instead we have
a limit of two for the rooks, knights, etc., and if we only kill one
side of the board (the most easily accessible side: east), on the
next zone reset the mobs killed are loaded to the OTHER side of
the chessboard.

This can result in certain objects not being loaded, as in the great
sewer rat in the torture chambers secret under the sewers.  Say I
want its glinting silver ring to repop EVERYTIME, and I set it that
way in the zone.  So I go down there and kill the rat for the ring.
Then on the next zone reset we have an additional rat in the
sewers instead of the torture chambers, and no glinting silver ring.

Thats pretty close to what Im refering to. It's even more pronounced on
my game, as just about all swords in the game are the same vnum. So, when
the builders are ready to do max on them, they are never sure what it should
be. It seems no matter what its set at, one area will pop with 5, and the
next will get none.
A few rejected ideas Ive had, were to make max mean per zone, not per world,
and, well I cant remember the rest. None would work as needed though, so
thats why I asked for thoughts here.

> What the bloody hell are you talking about?!?!?!?!?!?!
> This is almost as bad as someone just saying: "the mud won't
> compile, what is the answer?" and that is all we get.
> Normally I would try to help or give a pointer but I don't
> know where to start with this one.
> --Angus

Then you are obviously an idiot. If you don't know, then don't speak. Some
of the adults here prefer more than a post stating your ignorance.

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