Transferring IP to Web Page

From: Corey Elliott (
Date: 02/03/99

Long time reader, first time poster..... (Ok, stupid I know, I just had to
do it)

I have recently pulled my mud of the unix account and placed it back on
my machine at home (running windoze).  Building is going much slower
then we planned so we canceled the account until we are closer to the
release date.  1. I have a friend that is helping build....very creative,
but not to swift with computers.  2. I was tired of coding the same old
stuff and
thought about something I would like to do. With those things in my head I
proceeded. I am comfortable with C but I know notta about network coding,
sockets, etc.  What I was wanting to do is have a web page updated,
everytime I
boot up the mud, with the current IP address of the machine it is running
on.  I
had a web page working when it was on the unix box, based roughly on the
who_2html code but this will not work for what I was playing with.  Is this
possible??? Well, I mean, is this too much work for the little return.  I
know it is
possible, you would have to basically code an ftp protocol into the mud the
way I
see it. Would someone tell me if this is a stupid idea or not....  I would
really like
to do this but I'm not sure if it is currently in my realm of programming.

I have a highly modified bpl14 if it's relevant.


This is in text isn't it?

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