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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/05/99

> This sounds the most promising of all, as qualifiers wouldnt work on a mud
> like mine. I already have done percentages, so simply yanking max would be a
> 2 second job.
> Is there anything else to consider here? Im not quite sure what will happen
> here...
> I load a mob in a room 100% of the time. Next reset... hmm, that would
> double the mob. Bah, Im confused again, this is NOT the project I want to
> spend my precious little free time doing, I'd much rather be doing fun code
> :)

        Lets assume that you have only object percentages, and not mob...
Imagine this scenerio:

scenario 1:
        You load a fountain into a room.

        Now, if its percent load, it only loads sometimes.  You don't want
two fountains in the same room.. so you can add something like:

        remove fountain
        load fountain

        That way, there will either be none, or some. However, thats
_bad_.. if it loads, you should still have it in there - it shouldn't
disappear eventually. Well, no way around it.. you have a problem.

scenario 2a:
        You load a mob
          and then (dependant) equip it with a sword
          and then (dependant) equip it with a shield.

        Say the shield has a percent load of 95%, and the sword has a
percent load of 15%.  That means that the shield will actually be loading
less than the sword, since the depenancies are only 1 level - you actually
mean for the shield load to be dependant on the existance of the mob!

        Oh, you can get around it by removing dependancies returning
true/false for item loads always make it true.... lets go on to scenario

scenario 2b:
        Same loads as scenario 2a.

        Say you reach a max items on the sword, now the shield will never
load.  again you get around it by returning true for all percent loads
where the previous is a percent regardless of it working.

scenario 3:
        You load a chest
          and then (dependant) put a magic book in it
          and then (dependant) put a robe in it

        Now, say the chest is percent load.. under normal circumstances
then, we have the dependancy problem from scenarios 2a + 2b - assume we
say percents are always true...

        If we fail to load a chest, then the other two things are still
queued to load... I'd bet you'd want to make a check to say percent load
on an object returning false if it really is false, and you're putting
something in it.. well...

        There's stuff like that all over :).. I'm still trying to get
percent items to work well with others, but they're not easily directly
compatiable with the current system..

        Maybe moving it so the dependancies are not on the previous, but
on what they actually should be on.. like the mob or item load.. etc.


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