Re: [NEWBIE] [QUESTION] Running things without online characters ? Patrick Dughi at "Feb 3, 99 10:08:43 am"

From: Christian Loth (
Date: 02/05/99


Patrick Dughi wrote:
> > i have a little problem, i want my Mud to accept intermud requests, like
> > who and so on, while none is online, too. So that the 'world' sees, that
> > really none is here. I tried to implement it some time the last days, but
> > i found no access to it, it won't work :(
>         Not sure about this, but i'm assuming that intermud stops
> accepting connections at the same time your mud goes to sleep. :)

Not quite right...the intermud server he uses (hehe, I know which one)
still accepts connections and redirects them to the MUD. However, as
the MUD is 'sleeping' the MUD ignores them.

> >
> > Another idea, was that the mud lives on, while none is online, like the
> > mobs will move on,... this would be like the same, it has to run while
> > waiting for new descriptors. (Well it costs a bit of main power while
> > idling/sleeping the mud, but a bit more real, ...)
> >
>         Look for 'The Big Cheese.' somewhere in comm.c and just don't have
> circle go to sleep if the descriptor list is null.  Thats pretty simple
> huh?

Yup, that should be it.

- Chris

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