Re: positions

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 02/05/99

>I don't know what your mount system looks like, but I'm assuming that
>within your char_data struct there is a pointer to the mounted mob.  The
>easiest way to achieve your goal is to just put a check in your "mounted
>only" skills sorta like this:
>  if (!GET_MOUNT(ch)) {
>    send_to_char("You can only use this skill when mounted.\r\n", ch);
>    return;
>  }

That only partly works - if I want to let players
charge into combat with a lance in order to skewer
their opponents, that works ok, but if they don't
kill their opponent and they start fighting, the
lancer is moved from POS_MOUNTED to POS_FIGHTING
and they can no longer use any mounted only skills
for the duration of the fight.
Which is not what I want.

I want players to be able to fight from horseback.
But with fighting as a position, they are one of the
other and can't be both.
Making fighting a state allows for both (so they'd
be either fighting/standing or fighting/mounted,
as fighting from any other position either leads to
them standing or dying).

Like I said, I could do a POS_MOUNTED_FIGHTING but
then I'd have a lot of fundamentally duplicate code

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