Re: Major dual wield problems

From: Beau Perrizo (
Date: 02/06/99

In a message dated 2/5/99 11:52:19 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> Why would you do that?? you just make a extra check in perform_violence for
>  dual wield and how well it's trained and if check succeed you add a attack
>  of course you have to change your hit function a bit to take into account
>  which weapon your hitting with etc but i think that is part of the snip??

The snip, in my experience, only called the standard hit function, which
automatically did any damage with the primary weapon.  I am not, and do not
claim to be, a very good coder and the little C I know is half forgotten from
a book I read a few ages ago so I was by no means saying my way was the only
or best way to do it.  Just a way :-).


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