Re: Dual wield problem w/ syslog

From: Guyang Mao (
Date: 02/06/99

Thus spake John Hines <>

> nice set of vnums for that block of rooms

Ain't nothing wrong with that.  The circle code needs to be updated
to support these types of zones better.  What happens is:

First zone of Moria 4000 covers rooms to 4199 ... meaning 200
room zone, though it uses like 150 or so (rough estimate ...)

Another zone file is created to cover 4100 to 4199, just so you will
be warned so that you don't replace IT ... which could result in a
mud not booting because you have really weird instructions in the
second zone file, and duplicated rooms 4100 to 4199 ... assuming
you replaced the entire 41 zone, with worlds, the whole bit.  The
current moria 41 has no 41.wld, 41.obj, ...

But I'm sure you already know that :P
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