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From: Xual (
Date: 02/07/99

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, None wrote:

> i went in and added in interperter.c a command called   ACMD(do_praise);
> then when into spec_procs.c and added (at the very bottom .. following
> along with the other codes I added a SPECIAL(praise) and my function.

I think the problem is that you are defining an ACMD in one place and a
SPECIAL in another.  They have to be consistent.  ACMD's are commands used
everywhere in the game, SPECIAL's are assigned to specific
rooms/mobs/objects.  To access a special through command_interpreter() you
refer the function call to do_not_here like the following:

{ "praise", POS_RESTING, do_not_here, 0, 0 },

There's a file called button.txt on the snippet site that is a great
primer for learning the in's and outs of spec_procs.

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