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Date: 02/06/99


  Hello, that's the exact same text that I'm looking at trying to learn to
put this onto my mud.  Visual C++ 5.0 is VERY good at helping to find out
the error and even give you the EXACT line that the compiler didn't like.

I have moved my little code to the act.other.c file (at the bottom) I tried
to use the book portal code posted on the snipplet site but it didn't work
.. but the whole thing now is trying once you issue the command to
transport you to the hometown you chose at the start (Midgaard) maybe I can
do like a goto (sorda like the immortal command) but for mortals so that
it'll goto that place or something ... I'm not really sure ... never
studied or taken any classes in C before .. its just me and my book and the
source  :)

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