Re: [Change Gold Name, Get RId of Silver (or Gold and keep silver)]

From: Nephanor of the Fraal (
Date: 02/07/99

>Hello again,
>        I have a real quick question would it mess up the entire mud if i
>changed the name of the money and changed the way it worked, if not would
>it be a hard task toa ccomplish?  I feel I want this changed to make my
>mud a l ittle more unique, I mean it is one of the most used things and it
>is the least changed ones. Well reply with your comments.

Here's a few problems you will run into:  Firstly, make sure you change
just visible names (in send_to_char's and act()'s) first and not
GET_GOLD() macros.  Do the GET_GOLD() macros by themselves, and all at
once.  Secondly, you might want to consider changing the name of the
'gold' command to something else.  If you plan to have more than one
money type (gold, silver, copper, platinum & electrum) then you might
leave it as gold and have it show all.  If you do change the command
name, you should still keep 'gold' as a reference to it, for those people
used to using it, and just add the new name.  And finally, you will have
to change the code in the act.item.c so that it knows about the new name
when giving coins.  (Actually, I'm not sure about this one.  I can't
remember is stock circle has 'give x gold' and 'give x coins' or just the
coins version)

Just a few thoughts from someone who made all his gold into credits.

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