Re: positions

From: Fafhrd (
Date: 02/07/99

We got tired of remembering and typing bitvectors, ie
#define THIS 1024
so we defined them all as
#define BIT_1    1U
#define BIT_2    2U
#define BIT_3    4U
#define BIT_4    8U
And no, we ddidn't/don't view fighting as a position nor a status, as
one can fight while sitting/standing, or while alert/careless.

Erik Madison
ICQ #13940294

>Looks like you guys don't have a POS_FIGHTING or STAT_FIGHTING...I'm
>guessing that you just check if there is a value in IS_FIGHTING(ch) and go
>from there...
>BTW, to analyze this further, could you tell us what BIT_3 and BIT_4 are
>defined as?

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